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Its Important to understand what the Angel script does, and what you should avoid doing while auto scouting.

The Angel script (as a bot) when auto scouting performs some very manually intensive tasks. It is in essence acting like a real person, and while it scouts it will be opening your fleet pages, looking at regions, systems, astros, bases, and fleets, as well as sending that information to your guild's database.

It does not actually perform those tasks at the speed of software or a computer. It runs at a speed more like a human being would, with random pauses, so as to keep you safe from script like activity which could get you fined. In essence it may still be slightly faster than you overall but it can take quite a few hours to complete its task depending on your warp tech. What it does do, is take the boredom and time out of searching, so you are not destroying your RL.

But what are you doing while this occurs?

If you start looking at other pages, opening other fleets, attacking bases, sending messages, then the amount of hits or requests your browser makes from the AE server may be twice what a normal person could achieve, and if AE Admin see instances where within the same second or two seconds you make different server requests (opening pages or doing other things all at the same time), they will view that as script activity, and it may lead to a fine issued to yourself or worse.

Now the Scouting page has a pause button. Use it to pause the script, while you go do what you need to do. Unpause when finised.

Talking about the Angel, DSIS, or auto scouting within AE.

Although never proven that AE admin look for certain text within the AE boards or within PM's, suspicions have occasionaly been raised that they do. Some will swear they get fines after talking about it.

Therefore you will find most will not talk directly about the database. Instead they will use a kind of code and talk about the Girlfriend (See glossary).

Be smart - DON'T message someone within AE and say - Hey I just auto scouted..........

How can you avoid Fines or Worse

1) While auto scouting, do not go and play AE as you would normally.

Sometimes, you may need to access other pages, but be smart and either pause Auto Scouting OR wait until a scout finishes a region, then wait until you see the scout sent to the next region, and the script reports it is refreshing the fleet page - At that point, refresh/F5 the page and kill the auto scouting process. When you have completed what you need to do, then go and continue the auto scout. However, you dont have to wait if it is urgent! You can refresh/F5 the auto scout page, and kill the process at any time, which means that any scout that is currently scanning a region, will have to restart that scan at a later time.

You can also access other pages in other tabs, while the scouts are travelling, but make sure you check to make sure a scout does not land and start looking at fleets, bases, etc.

2) If you share an ISP, then auto scouting at the same time another person or other people who share the same ISP connection are also auto scouting, can be dangerous. AE admin may pick up the server requests as bot activity. If you share an ISP connection - co-ordinate! So you are not scouting at similar times.

3) Have a break! Even AE Admin know you cant play 24/7. Playing full time, and then auto scouting while you sleep - make sure you shut it all down for 3-5 hours every so often.

4) Seriously - dont talk about auto scouting in the boards or in PM's.